Migrating Cockpit installation to a new server

I’m wondering about the easiest way to migrate an existing Cockpit installation to a new server? I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found any related threads aside from this one. Is it easiest to simply do a clean install of Cockpit on the new server, make any required adjustments to the config.yaml file, then copy over the addons and storage folders? Thanks for any guidance here.

You can simply copy the complete cockpit directory to the new server.

Oh, is it really that simple? Fantastic, thanks!

Yes indeed, its that simple :slight_smile:

Its because cockpit saves all data to the storage directory (as long as you are using cockpit with the sqlite adapter)

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Just make sure, you also transfer the file permissions correctly. See [SOLVED] Clone cockpit to other server - #3 by alessandro92 .

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