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Hi all

I’m a newcomer to Cockpit. I’m using it for one client to replace their PHPMaker scaffold backend. Now I notice that the documentation for CP is not that extensive. I have these initial questions:

  1. If I am using sqllite can’t I just work locally then when I’m ready just zip up the folder and expand to the remote server? It seemed to work when I tried it but I don’t know if there are any caveats.
  2. I am looking to also write updates to Collection’s items. E.g. I have a Collection of banner ads, with 2 fields ‘clicks’ and ‘views’ and want to know when a particular banner is displayed in the front end how I can make those fields update, and also when the banner is clicked on. How can I get an example of that code?

Thanks in advance.

Also there are just a handful of cockpit videos on youtube :frowning:

Afaik you should be fine with that approach. This will be an exact copy of your project.
By default there are no absolute references saved in db, tmp, cache.

Regarding the storage/ dir and later updates:

keep the configurations for your db structure - you want to keep them in sync.

keep your actual data - so you might want to make sure you DO NOT overwrite them on later updates (unless you want to sync data).

are auto-generated and can be omitted.

More docs:
Unofficial Zeraton docs: Home | Cockpit CMS Docs
raffaeljs scripts: GitHub - raffaelj/cockpit-scripts: A collection of code snippets with annotations to modify Cockpit CMS

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Thanks for the resource links!