Best Way to Backup Cockpit data?

What’s the best way to backup a Cockpit installation?

I tried the backup solution here – but it gives me a 500 error on the latest pull of Cockpit Next:

Is it enough to backup the /storage/ and /config/ folders – and then reinstall them into a fresh clone of cockpit?

I’m pretty sure /storage and /config, together with /bootstrap, if you used that is what you need on a fresh Cockpit Next. Try it out maybe? Shouldn’t take long to test.

Also, if your server got some sort of backup it should be enough :slight_smile:

The server I use, which is pretty cheap, have daily backup of all the files.

just backup the /config and /storage folder and you should be save :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a reciept how to access to this in the docker container?

if you’re using docker, I would suggest to look into VOLUMES and persistent storage solutions for docker.

I use the agentejo/cockpit image on Windows 10.

As I understand from the Dockerfile (, the volume /var/www/html is not mounted. I know, this is a Docker topic, but how can I access to this directory?

Now I got it!

This is how to copy file/directories from a docker container (here named cockpit) to the host system:

$ docker cp cockpit:/var/www/html/storage .
$ docker cp cockpit:/var/www/html/config .

That’s what I need.