Cockpit - the next iteration 🥁

It’s time for a new iteration of Cockpit. And I’m more than happy to announce that a new major release is imminent.



  • redesigned admin ui
  • move from UIkit to a custom made frontend design system based on custom elements
  • replacing RiotJS with Vue
  • GraphQL support
  • PHP >= 8
  • admin ui for permissions & locales
  • built-in playground for REST & GraphQL API
  • enhanced field types


With the new version, there will be also an introduction of a pro version (commercial license) which will include the following addons:

  • CloudStorage: Save your assets on S3 (more providers are in the pipeline)
  • Layouts: manage component based lauyouts
  • Lokalize: manage i18n internationalization language strings
  • Pages: a page-centric approach to content creation and editing
  • Sync: Push or pull resources between different Cockpit instances
  • Webhooks: send HTTP requests on specific events

The pro version is meant to support the development and work on Cockpit and put its future on a healthy footing.

You’re invited to test the new version. Get the code now:



Holy shit, it’s amazing!!!


Good day,

first of all nice that it goes on that pleased me very much. Basically once the question is a backward compatibility with old versions planned so that you can update. Or is to be seen as a completely new independent version, which will have nothing to do with the old version?

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Is there any effort to integrate type hints and clean objects?

I would love to see a proper DI container integrated. ^^

Completely new from scratch, different js ( old riot.js , new vue )

So our existing projects… cant we “upgrade” to the newer release, or back up and restore data kind of thing… or is it dead end ? :frowning:

Exactly the question I ask myself, basically it does not mean to me that if everything was extremely revised that it is no longer possible to upgrade. If the data structure was retained.

I had tested it myself once briefly in a short test the upgrade did not run. But maybe it is still planned that can probably only answer @artur.

The first big problem is Lack of proper documentation. now this… :confused:


@fschuermeyer Data structure and field types changed and it is not planned to provide an auto migration option from the old version to the new one. Of course you can get paid migration support if needed.

@Cryptospy Cockpit was and still is an Open Source project. If you see that something is lacking, eg documentation, then feel invited to contribute to the project.

One of the reasons for the new pro version is to hire additional resources in the future to keep the docs updated and thrive Cockpits development.

Donations just didn’t work in the past to be able to commit and focus 100% on Cockpit (docs, guides etc).



Wow! can’t wait to see a new design of Cockpit.

Just my opinion, TailwindCSS + Vite would be really cool.

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Will there be a performance boost in the GUI with many fields? (see Slow GUI load times)

I plan to use pro version that has so attractive addons! :+1:
Is there any details of pro license and price now?

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Same sparse documentation :frowning:

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Hey! Nice job. I have a small problem. Can’t seem to find a way to create a new item in a collection trough the API. Can’t find the endpoint for saving data. Can you point me in the right direction please?

Mutation API will be available soon.


When using a Tags field: If you create an entry with a specific tag then delete that tag from the model it still shows in the json object for the entry. But if you go in an edit the entry, that deleted tag is not visible in the tag list and the only way to remove it from the json object is to update the tag field, which requires you to add or remove tags from the actual tag field.

Consider: Showing tags in the field that are not in the model with a different background color to indicate they are old/deleted/invalid. That way we can hit the (X) to remove and actually trigger that update, if we desire that content to be removed.

@pixelkarma Will look into that :+1:

Hello !
Thanks for the awsome job you made during all this years !
With the new version I have some questions :

  • Can i buy just one addon ?
  • Or Can i use a pro addons with some modifications for fit to my projects for free ?

I realy love your product but some time it’s just for small projects with low budget, and i didn’t need all the pro features.

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