Slow GUI load times

I’m evaluating Cockpit as a technology option for a project within my company, so please bear with me as I am very new to this CMS.

I am experiencing very long load times in the GUI for my collection entries (and slow times for my collections).

I have a collection with roughly 350 text fields in it, across ~15 languages. The API calls are reasonably quick (<50ms) but the GUI loads very slowly (20-40 seconds).

I am running on a local Docker instance, but it is not consuming any relevant amount of resources.

There is no sensible way to group these fields into smaller groups or to break up the collection.

Is this normal performance and is there some option I can enable to reduce this load time, like pagination?

Thank you for your assistance,


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Indeed, the loads are very heavy and it’s out of the question too long. Especially with many fields and also many references using collection-link it takes more than one (1) minute. Very odd!

@artur, for the next release you mentioned, that you’ve switched to RiotJS for the GUI. Will there be a performance boost with that change relating to that huge issue?