Cockpit - the next iteration 🥁

Aren’t singletons and web hooks part of the core edition in the last iteration prior to pro. Are these removed from the free version?

I’ve just downloaded the new release and holy moly … It looks sooo damn good :heart_eyes:

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Hey @artur :wave:

Quick question. Does the Pro version, which I can get from the pro master release come with any limitations, or does it expire after some time? I’m asking because I’m wondering why I would buy the Pro plan if I can just download it there.
Is Pro “just” for commercial usage & Support?

Edit: I think I found the answer here:

Yes, you can test and trial Cockpit Pro while your site is on a non-public development environment.

Thanks :v:

Hey again @artur :smile:

Quick question. I can’t see forms in the Dashboard :thinking:
Are they gone? Would be sad if this was the case because I loved using forms for Contact Forms, Newsletter Subscriptions and so on.


Is the old documentation still available somewhere else? Everything has changed so fast, it’s very disruptive.

You could use a snapshot on instead. Some CSS is missing, but the content seems intact:

Or use the inofficial docs, which always provided more info than the official docs:

Hey :wave: You can find the old docs here: Documentation


There are some questions:

  1. Are there any docker image with new generation of cockpit?
  2. Is it possible to safely upgrade cockpit to new version? and how?

Thanks! This is what I did

Perfect! thank you very much

Any info on this anyone?

Hey @Jamo :wave:

Forms are gone. Why? It was never really used that much as most people used collections to collect form data.


Hi everyone,

in the new releases documentation we are talking about a API playgroung ?

Blockquote This documentation of API endpoints provides additional information on each endpoint and shows usage examples. If you want to know about each endpoint in detail we recommend using Cockpit’s API playground at /system/api as mentioned above.

where are the POST endpoints and how to use them ? How could i access the playground ? do i need to install first ?

Thanks for your reply @artur :blush:

I can see why people prefer collections in favour of forms, but I really liked the E-Mail feature forms offered. But I’m sure this can still be done by sending mails based on a hook or sth. along those lines.

C ya :wave:

Gave it a run today, and seriously its breathtaking. Clean - Clear Crisp. Big cheers to @artur.
Special thanks for Built-in 2FA.

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Congratulations on the new release!

That being said, I have to point out a glaring issue that is the documentation. Documentation does not mean “describe the general concept and call it a day”. This has been an issue with previous versions and has forced me to write my own docs. Now I need to revise all of it before implementing the new version. Between that and no straightforward way (not even a boilerplate) to migrate thousands of records across multiple sites, I don’t think Cockpit serves my needs anymore.

Hey @TinJoy59 :wave:

Sad to see you leaving. I know the documentation is lacking. It will get improvements including guides etc in the future. That was also one of the main reasons for the new Pro version, to finance additional resources to improve eg the documentation.

But it sounds always a bit weird to me to be honest, when people are using an open source project (eventually making also money with it by implementing customer projects) but don’t want to invest back into the project :man_shrugging:

You said that you’ve written your own docs…cool. But why didn’t you contribute them back to the official docs!?

The development on Cockpit takes a lot of time and effort. I strongly believe in opens source, that’s why I release it under one of the most flexible opens source license (MIT), so everyone can do whatever they like with it.

I always hear complains about the docs. And yes, they can improve a lot. But I have also a life besides Cockpit :wink:

So instead of complaining, feel invited to volunteer and contribute to the docs. I would really appreciate it :heart_hands:


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Great work, Wish you more success.

I have a question, what about PHP SDK, i meant what if i want to use PHP instead of API like previous version for querying data?

Best Regards.

You can still use Cockpit as a library in you php code:


require 'cockpit/bootstrap.php';

$posts = Cockpit::instance()->module('content')->find('posts', ['filter' => ['_state' => 1]]);


thank you, it was very important to me :slight_smile: