Cockpit + Next.js Boilerplate

Hey there folks!

Just wanted to give a big shout out to agentejo for this great cms, they’ve created.
I really enjoy playing around with it.

For the last 2 weeks, i’ve created a boilerplate that can immediately kickstart a new project with obviously cockpit as your content management system and nextjs as the static site generator.


It currently features

  • Internationalization - Depending on your browser language it automatically translates your Webpage. For now, only english and german translations are maintained, but you can more languages with ease.
  • Static Side Rendering - Due to the nature of next export, it pre-renders your whole app. No node Server is needed.
  • Pre defined pages and navigation
  • Eslint, prettier and husky to equal code standards across the team
  • Jest and react-testing-library are already configured, so that you can immediately start testing
  • Emotion css, global theming and fonts are already implemented to style your app
  • Easy to get started

some Features i’m working on currently:

  • Prerender translated pages (e.g. /en/, /fr/) etc. - currently, only the german version is pre-rendered
  • Language Switch
  • dynamic pages for the 3rd directory hierarchy

Feel free to check it out, and when you like it, of course, use it as often as you like. :slight_smile:
Furthermore, i highly appreciate suggestions on how to improve this workflow, as i’ve already noticed, that we have a lot of great supporters in here.

That’s it for now. And again - thanks for this great cms.


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Highly inspired by the React Demo Project i moved the pages from singletons to collections. :slight_smile: