Upgrade 0.13.0 -> 0.5.5

Hi Community,

i tried to update cockpit today by following the instructions from the documentation.

Upgrading to a newer version of Cockpit
Download and unzip your desired version of Cockpit
Override the whole cockpit directory except the config and the storage folder.
That’s it!

Well, that wasn’t quite it :wink:. I could not login afterwards. After resetting the password it worked again. But all my content was lost and all the routes unreachable.
I did a site backup before so i tried to import it. But i found no option for that.
So i did a complete rollback and am now back to version 0.13.0 again.

As i could not find any release notes or changelogs on GitHub, i´m stuck here.
Is there any documentation on this i might have missed?
If not, how can i do the update and keep/reimport my data?

Best, Roman.

Hi Roman,

unfortunately 0.13.0 is the old legacy version and you’re not able to auto-update it to Cockpit Next.

I would try to recreate the collection model in 0.5 and export the entries in 0.13 as json. then try to re-import them with the collection import tool /collections/import/collection/{collectionname}