Updated Cockpit. What happened to the old Cockpit? :-)

Hi all
I have some old Cockpit sites around and need to update them, they don’t support PHP7 unfortunately.

However, coming back after several years, it seems Cockpit has changed dramatically. I need to renew it, update fails.

  1. Only way to access data is the RESTApi now? Old collection()->findOne() has gone?
  2. Is Lime still in work? It seems to be still bundle with Cockpit, but I can’t find any use case for it now (it doesn’t have anything related to work with HTTP requests).

Perhaps I would switch to Slim. IIRC it has HTTP support build in. Or any other suggestions (no JS)?

I may be wrong, but don’t think you can update from old cockpit to the next branch. My suggestion is to export existing contents, install a new instance based on next and to import your contents there. Also not sure if the imports will be straightforward or you need to do some data manipulation before.

You are right. as I said, update fails I have to renew them … the hard update :slight_smile:
I managed to update/create one site. While I like Cockpit is moving on, I don’t think I will work again with it. I used Cockpit because it was quick to setup and easy to work with for small sites. The new approach is much more work to accomplish the same. Perhaps someday if I need a headless CMS.