Cockpit capacity

I really like Cockpit.
That’s why I switched some of my projects to Cockpit. But I haven’t tried a big web application with Cockpit yet.

Currently I have a task to build a hotel management app for my client. And I guess 1k+ users will be using this app everyday.

How do you think on this?
or any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

It depends on what you plan to expose to the end users, Cockpit is an Headless CMS, so I’m assuming that you’ll have an application consuming the API, if so, you should be fine, some aspects to consider:

  • Use MongoDB
  • Use cache in the BE (e.g. using the simple response cache or Redis add-ons)
  • Minimize API requests in the FE
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Thank you so much @pauloamgomes , I’ll try it with Cockpit.