API Returns fields that have been removed from collection

I’m just getting started with cockpit, so I’m playing around with it to see what I can do. I modified a collection to remove a field. This field had been entered on some entries before removing it. Now when I call the /collections/get API, the data for that field is being included in the response. Is this intended behavior? I may not be using this right, but it seems like that would just inflate the size of the response json.


I got the same issue and almost a year has passed. I understand that this was never fixed? Feels like a basic functionality. Or maybe there is a fix I am not aware of?

@waltonspam @JacekZakowicz
Would this help:

Hello and thank you for your answer.
It would help for local handling the data but what if I push the CMS to my remote PHP server? I cannot, or I doubt I will be able to somehow expose the terminal command to be run via a hook.

@JacekZakowicz, the CLI command is only for doing a batch update on all collection entries, the addon handles an save on the UI an updates the schema of the entry.

Hello and thank you for your time @pauloamgomes,

Looks like this works (with some kind of delay, or not really sure what is triggering the change on Singletons but the end result is satisfactory).
I needed to get the newest version of the Cockpit itself (next branch) and install Helpers. Unfortunately now I see that localisation does not work. The fields are being created but the values for additional language are not being saved. All is visible in the Devel JSON preview but later they disappear. Even when I simply save Singleton, go to dashboard and come back. Additionally the &lang=es parameter does not get the localised result either. I guess this should already go to a new thread.

Thank you and cheers