Pagination in Collection view

I’m wondering about migrating from other CMS to Cockpit.
I’ve run Cockpit inside docker container locally to test it out and I’ve uploaded around ~4k entries in a single Collection.

API runs fine and it only need between 3-4 seconds to return all the entries, but when I’m trying to view entries in Admin Panel it get’s super slow and it’s freezing my browser’s tab.

Is there any way I could easily enable pagination for a Collection or do I have to rewrite some controllers?


Hey @KPyrzyk, are you on next branch? Pagination is present for collections!
I did some tests (~10k entries) and it’s smooth:


API returns (on docker with mongodb and with a collection composed by title, abstract and body) takes ~600ms (payload is 15MB).

Assuming you are using MongoDB and not SQLite (SQLite is clearly not the best solution if you need to deal with such amount of data)

I was using docker image, which by default is set on master branch.

I’ll try with next branch.