Sharing backend setup

Hi, guys!

While docs is in quite huge development process, it’s really hard to put pieces together and understand how to set up the Cockpit to work as it should, or should I say - how to accomplish a the task.

For example, I have a design for a homepage that I have to make, and I see that some components are reused on Portfolios pages. But the layouts are different for each Portfolio. So, it is really hard to imagine how non-programmer project manager could set this portfolio page up.

It would be really great of those guys who had already some experiences with this or other backend cms’es to share how they were build, because the mindset is very deeply set with the monolithic cms idea.

I know only some examples, and this is the thing I am (and probably most of us) looking for -

So, some screenshots, used components, collections and stuff, field types you used, all bits and pieces would help to get right feeling how this should be made.

Or, maybe Cockpit CMS would be useful only for being an intermediate service to keep data synced between some admin panel and frontend?