Multi project setup

Hi there

We’re considering using Cockpit for managing client applications as well as our own. In short we have the following situation:

  • We have an application/website and we want to control the content using Cockpit
  • Client A has multiple sub-webapps that all use some custom content and some mutual content
  • Client B has just a single application/website
  • Client …

While we need to be able to CRUD all content, our clients only need access to their own content and should only be able to edit content.

So far, the only thing we can’t figure out is how we can have Client A and Client B use the same Cockpit and not see each others content. Is this possible with cockpit?

One approach would be to make a separate group per client. Another approach would be to set up a separate cockpit installation for each client. Both come with their own downsides (respectively: config changes for each new client; separate logins for all our admin accounts and separate domains for each client)

I was hoping there was an easier/cleaner approach for this?

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