No config in root dir plus /cockpit/auth/login 404


Am trying to install cockpit on Ubuntu 18.10 laptop. Installation instructions refer to permissions on ‘storage and config’ directories. There is no config dir in the root. Storage I’ve done.

Almost certainly related to the unfound config dir is the fact that I can navigate to /url/to/cockpit/install where I get a login screen (admin/admin). However, when I hit the login button I get 404 error: /cockpit/auth/login

I get the same error if I navigate to /url/to/cockpit


You have to create the config dir yourself. Than it exists.

The install route is only for checking some server settings and to create a new user named “admin” with the password “admin” - if no user exists. Than you should be able to login.

If you get redirected to the wrong path, maybe you use a symlinked invironment with some edge case path detection… Maybe you have to set RewriteBase in your .htaccess. You could try to create a file defines.php in your cockpit root with this content to fix the wrong path detection:

define('COCKPIT_BASE_URL', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_BASE_ROUTE', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_DOCS_ROOT', dirname(__DIR__));
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Hi Raffael!

Many thanks, now sorted and up and running.