Auth/login - 404 error

After successful installation I’ve been redirected to auth/login page but there is no such page (404 error). Does anybody know what could be a problem?


do you use apache as the webserver? if yes, make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled

Yes, I use apache and mode_rewrite is enabled.

Maybe is something with the session ? Try to log out first… Sounds weird but it happen to me.

does your cockpit installation have its own subdomain?

If not try settings the rewritebase to the cockpit subfolder

make also sure that the AllowOverride directive is correctly set. otherwise .htaccess files don’t work

AllowOverride All

AllowOverride is set to all. By the way there is no .htaccess file in cockpit folder.

there is one:

maybe you should enable hidden files before transfering files to your server

You are absolutely right. I added .htaccess and everything works fine. What a stupid mistake :joy:. Thank you for help.