Hello everyone. What can I do for cockpit?

I’m new to the cockpit. And I absolutely loved it. What are the shortcomings of the cockpit? So is there a need for an enhancement or add-on for the cockpit? For example, I could not find any information about backup.

Also is there a package manager for cockpit? should need? sample composer?

Also, what’s the future of the cockpit? How strong is the support behind it?

I want to develop for the cockpit, if you help me.

Thanks everyone

If you’re going to use Cockpit default db (SQLite), you can just backup storage and config folders.

Btw, it seems so many questions in a single thread, and I think some of your questions are already answered in the forum.

Or maybe you can find something useful from these below links.

The unofficial documentation of Cockpit

Understanding Cockpit Development Guide

Cockpit Example Scripts

How bootstrap file works

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Cockpit is small & elegant headless CMS, i was observing it since first release.

Artur did a great job!

but unfortunately cant depends on it for building sustainable projects because the lack of documentation, limitation in configuration, user permission, input validations, no support for relational databases like MySQL.

one of the funniest thing i faced when i was testing it last week, it took me 3 days to figure out how to put the uploads folder out of cockpit folder!

i really love cockpit and i hope we see changes in early future.

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Do you have the example issues of the config and permissions? Maybe If it’s similar to my previous issues, I can share it.

I think I’ve seen Artur said Cockpit is a document storage (json based db).
For me, filter, accountLink and collectionLink are quite enough to play with the contents and it does cover like one-to-one, one-two-many and many-to-many relationships.