Nebwie Help - Tower CLI

I think I am being really dumb. But I can’t get ‘tower’ to do anything at all. And I can’t find any community info. And I can’t find much in the docs. EVerything just assumes that it works. Mine doesn’t as far as I can see.

I know I am doing something wrong. Or my hosting just doesn’t allow it. But everything I type into “tower” (for example “./tower list”) just keeps saying: “Script needs to be run from Command Line Interface”

Maybe my hosting doesn’t have CLI? Maybe I am in the wrong directory. I don’t know.

I am sorry if this is a VERY dumb question. I just can’t work it out.

Adding to this, after updating to v2.8.3 I get “Tower web console is not available on your server”, and cannot access it anymore. Before the upgrade I used to be able to access Tower perfectly fine.