Multi-tennant setup

Is anyone using cockpit to back production sites for multiple clients?

so far I’m warming up to doing this - but I’m stuck on 1 item - clients being able to see each others assets.

I’m going to set up the cloud storage add on - that should be a start, but ideally I’d be able to set a minio or s3 bucket per group or admin or something - any chance this could work? (I can’t see how to tag the author of that add on, but have saw him around this forum)

try setting these vars on the groups of your customers:

          'finder.path' => '/storage_CUSTOMER_1',
          'assets.path' => '/storage_CUSTOMER_1/assets',
          'media.path' => '/storage_CUSTOMER_1/media'

the next customer’s group then gets ‘/storage_CUSTOMER_2’ of course

@matchett808 Cloudstorage was created by @artur (same person that created Cockpit).

So you have an Cockpit instance per client, or you are sharing same instance? If you are sharing using cloudstorage will not help as you can’t define a bucket (or prefix) per group. The above suggestion from @serjoscha87 should work, you need to put it in the group structure.

Also, I don’t think that sharing the same cockpit instance is the best approach, you’ll end with other issues, Cockpit doesn’t require too much system resources, you can easily have many cockpit instances running (native or docker) and have nginx as reverse proxy in the front.