Multi Language Fields

Hello, me again with a rather simple Question I suppose.

I am not able to fiddle through to the UI to the point where I can set values for my localized fields. What am I missing?

And yes, I added languages in the config.yaml :slight_smile:


return [
    # site url (optional) - helpful if you're behind a reverse proxy
    #'site_url' => '',

    # define the languages you want to manage
    'languages' => [
        'default' => 'English',       #setting a default language is optional
        'it' => 'Italian',
        'de' => 'German'


You have to decide, if you use config.php OR config.yaml. So you could rename your config file to php or you could write it in the yaml way.


  default: English
  it: Italian
  de: German

Thank you for the fast reply!