Locales default language


I am suggesting the following for localizing entries:

  • Instead of using ‘default’ rename it to English and make option to choose default language in locales settings.

  • Return back the old translation drop-down instead of hiding and showing translation in entry page, its not practical when you have many languages and confusing the users.

Best Regards.

  1. Goto Settings > Locales and create a locale with i18n = default and name=English

  1. The new language UI was introduced because of the feedback of people who do translation on a daily basis. they don’t want to switch back and forth while translating content. But you can’t please everyone I guess :wink:

thank you for responding

1- keeping it default then i need to put extra code in client side to set the default language when calling api and sometimes i need to use other languages rather than English and i need to use language code instead of checking the language name.

2- you are right but they can use the copy button :grin:, but maybe we would need different approach like Directus do.

thank you again.