Multi-language HowTo?

I am new to cockpit, but like it (especially because of it’s speedy API).

Here’s one thing I don’t understand, however:

How is the multi-language thing supposed to work?

I created 2 languages in the config.yml and they appear in a posts sidebar. But when I switch, nothing happens. Does that mean:

  • I need to duplicate the entry, translate and mark the entry in the second language? (This would be a bit impractical, because it’s hard to keep an overview what’s translated and what is not.
  • How would I differenciate those post? Let’s say I am showing the content on a website or mobile app, and the user switches languages: How do I find the corresponding post?

Any hint?


you have to define in the field settings whether a field is translatable or not.


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What is considered your default language?

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I assumed the first language of the list would be picked up as the default language and found out that was not the case.