More documentation / tutorials?

I tried to find more documentation than the one provided on the Cockpit website. I have successfully installed Cockpit locally and now I want to learn how to start creating a home page for a project. How and where do I start?

Are there any good tutorials/guides online you can link me?

Thanks! Best regards,

The fundamental problem is that Cockpit is not a website builder, it only manages the data that one might display on a website in a dynamic way. The task that it does do, it does extremely well. In practice best in its field. You could use the Lime framework that underpins Cockpit to create a website. Personally, I have modified my own complete system that is called Cliqon and produced a reduced version, called Cliqon Lite, that uses Cockpit 2 as its backend. It works well but like Artur I neither have the time or revenue stream to complete the project, document it and launch it!

We may well have products that make Laravel look like an oversize dinosaur but like Betamax was to VHS, its not always the best products that gain the day.

If you can conjure up a way to support us and fund us, you might get exactly what you want and the PHP world deserves.