Monoplane/CpMultiplane - simple PHP frontend, that uses cockpit as a library

It took some time since my last attempt to write this project and it had a really ugly code base. This time I’m quite happy with it.

The idea of a headless CMS is, to keep it headless and Cockpit is also fully functional, when using it as a library. Monoplane provides a basic structure to display collection entries as pages and it is easy to extend with custom controllers. I tried to keep the semantics and naming patterns from cockpit and I just finished a test installation on my localhost and on one remote server and it seems to work :blush:

Most functionality is written down in the readme. Suggestions are welcome.


Not setup yet with custom pages - it just displays the README file for now - but I wanted to share it.

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Well,… I decided again, that the code base was ugly and I rewrote the whole thing.

The code base wasn’t intuitive, it was designed for very simple portfolio websites with a few pages and it didn’t really support multilingual setups.

If you used or use Monoplane and find bugs, I might fix them, but I will concentrate on CpMultiplane in the future. The code base is cleaner, it supports multilingual pages by default and it has much more features…

Most options from Monoplane will also work in CpMultiplane, but a lot of the config variables changed.

Some new features in CpMultiplane:

  • simple blog functionality
  • multilingual (optional) with language prefix, e. g.:
  • 2 modes for structured content
    1. one collection per content type, e. g. a collection named pages and a collection named posts
    2. a single collection named pages - each entry has a type page or post
  • simple content preview while editing pages
  • a basic responsive theme with scss files
  • contact forms - fully functional without javascript

I have to update the docs some more and a demo is coming soon…

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