Is there a frontend for Cockpit that can run in an i686 web server, Centos 6 for instance?

Apart from the excellent work of Paulo Gomes, is there another frontend for Cockpit that does not require node.js or docker and that can be installed in an i686 web server?, Centos 6 for instance.
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I’m not sure, what others wrote in the past, but if you wait for… maybe three weeks… then I’ll publish a simple PHP frontend, that uses Cockpit as a library.

The basic features will be:

  • a class to render a collection as pages with sluggified urls
  • a class for contact forms
  • use a Singleton for site config (title, logo etc.)
  • clean, semantic HTML output
  • no Javascript in frontend required
  • fully customizable

It needs some more work in the background and I’m not sure, how to name it. Maybe “FrontPanel”…

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@artur, the author of cockpit also wrote a framework you can base webapps/pages on:

I’m not sure if this is of the kind you are looking for - but just take a look at it - perhaps it’s what you are looking for

Being a full headless system, believe that the way to go is to have a JS based frontend, a static generator like react-static or gatsby is a good starting point, they provide different ways to fetch data (rest api or graphql) and they also provide a framework to build whatever is required. From here is up to you on build whatever you want/need, react is powerfull enough for any scenario you have in mind.

Having a traditional framework/frontend on top of cockpit is a step back, is not the way things are evolving.

@joejac, my suggestion is to rethink what you need and your infrastructure, if you have a vps that is still 32bits maybe better to rebuild on a 64bits system, otherwise you’ll have other issues in future.

Hello and thanks for your kind answers,
raffaelj I am open to alternatives, 3 weeks is a reasonable time to wait, please post the link when you are done, thanks
@serjoscha87 I will look into copilot, coming from Artur has to be good, thanks.
@pauloamgomes thank you for your advice, you are right I agree with you, and I would love to use your development, I got pleased with the simplicity, easy to use and versatility of your solution shown on your videos, I plan to test it on a Virtual Machine on my desktop, but I still have one year of service more on the small VPS, it was very affordable, other flat classical PHP CMS is running fine in it, and in a year it was down only once for one short time.
Best regards

If everything works like expected, I’ll publish a demo of an alpha version at the end of this week.

Maybe it’s not the way, things evolve, but it’s not a step back. In my opinion, a lot of websites out there are crap. Very often I see only a blank page when browsing with script blockers. After allowing the domain, it wants to load multiple ressources from different third party hosts (e. g. It’s nearly impossible to not get stalked by Google everywhere. Also often developers tend to include 500kb javascript libraries for very simple portfolio pages with 20kb pure html…

So a frontend on top of Cockpit is just one way. It also skips the process of writing custom api endpoints, encoding and decoding the json data and building everything again.
This way I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Cockpit is called anyway for requesting the data. It can handle html output, too. And it’s future proof if I want to use the same data and backend later for custom apps with api access.

@raffaelj, yes, you have some valid points, but the fact of having badly implemented javascript based websites, doesn’t mean that it’s not the way, it depends always how you are building things, you can build everything with just one framework and without the need to rely on too many 3rd parties (Gatsby and react-static are good candidates).

Also what you are describing is more the job of a middleware or using graphql (e.g. using Apollo).

But having more options its always good, let us know when you have it ready to take a look.

There it is:

Demo (url will change in the future):

It is an alpha version with dummy data… I tested it only local (Win, Xampp) and on one remote (CentOS7). It’s far away from perfect, there are some ugly code snippets here and there, but I wanted to share it. Suggestions, issues and pull request are welcome.

Features of the demo:

  • multilingual
  • theme chooser
  • contact form

There is an issue with thumbnails of transparent png files (black background)… probably a gd version issue… It works local, but not on remote.

More infos coming soon. Now I’m tired and I have to do some other work in the next days.

Hello and Happy New Year for everybody here :slight_smile: :fireworks:
@raffaelj Is there a way to enter into the admin area of your Monoplane Demo? I will love to see how it works.

Not for now - The interesting stuff is about the field configurations and I can’t grant too much access. I started to write some restrictions for a demo visitor account, but I didn’t finish it yet.

You can rebuilt it with my dummy data or run the simple installer, which loads Cockpit, the addons and the dummy data automatically.

And I plan to work an Monoplane in the next days. Hopefully I find some time to build a GUI for it.