Cockpit CMS and mini multisite

Hello everyone and congratulations to the whole Cockpit team. I am a front-end developer with experience in html, css, javascript, ajax, php. I would like to use cockpit for a personal project.
The configuration that I would like to obtain would be this:

  • (with all my content)
  • website1 (in different server)
  • website2 (in different server)
  • websiteN (in different server)
    These sites would be few pages that take data from

Which framework would you recommend? What would be the fastest way to make it happen?
Create all static sites with JS? Several installations would be needed and maintaining them would not be easy. Am I wrong? I should change my approach to my knowledge …
Yesterday I tried Gatsby but the plugins didn’t work.

Thanks to everyone who will help me.

If you feed all website content from Cockpit API server (in your example: don’t let frontend of your website to have direct access to API, instead make some gateway on server side (PHP) and serve content to website visitors from website server.
Here is why I recommend this:

  • Most search engines are not quite good in parsing websites that gather main content from Ajax calls
  • You can make your own caching mechanism
  • Main thing is that you can make extended security by whitening IP address of websites servers on API server via Firewall
  • Every website will have it’s own bandwidth

Possible bad thing is that your server response will be slow if your servers are not in the same datacenter or if you didn’t implement some caching mechanism.

I’ve been having success with Nuxt JS + Cockpit recently. Nuxt requires less overhead with routes, etc. and getting up and running has been fairly quick.