Is cockpit dying?

This is one of the best api based cms’s I have tried, but the pretty much non-existant documentation and lack of support is making it very hard to stay. Is the project dying?

This is a silly question. What kind of answers are you expecting to this?!

Cockpit is a project one single person (@artur) came up with - this person has a life, friends and a job. He is just sharing his tools with the world. I guess this is quite a fine turn, isn’t it?!

If you are not able to figure out stuff your self or if your are too impatient to await answers to your support request, go ahead and write your own CMS or become a cockpit patron - I could imagine this would be way appreciated. Perhaps it helps to motivate the authors to improve the documentation.

I’m quite sure all people who are involved in developing and improving cockpit are putting their best effort into it in order to make it better in just every way. It’s a complex system with many great ideas and super comfortable usage; you can use if for free. So please just acceppt the backside of the coin that there may be no focus on support.



Hi Jesper,

I can tell you that Cockpit isn’t dying. It is quite the opposite to be honest. Traffic and usage is growing from month to month.

Documentation needs improvement, yes! I fully agree here. I still hope that this will become a community effort as I’m almost 100% buried under contract work and additional projects + I have a family and friends I need to take care for.

If you need immediate support, you can always get commercial support from me

Free support should be also a community effort. That’s why I put up this forum so you can support each other and build a Cockpit Community. I try to help from time to time but again my time is pretty limited right now.

So feel invited to contribute :wink:

Would be sad to see you leave but maybe we can welcome you back some time :slight_smile:



Thank you for the effort and a brilliant CMS Atur, one of the best I have used. Well thought out and executed.


If I’m not wrong, I’ve seen Cockpit listed on third place among headless CMSs on (Currently, Cockpit is at sixth)

Thank you so much @artur, I’ve seen you’re working on CockpitQL and I really hope that CockpitQL comes with mutations. I love GraphQl but I’m really tired of node deployment while Cockpit is just uploading to a hosting.

Hi @artur I am a newbie but am good at processes and documentation.
I offer to help write some things up, where do I go for that ?

@ln2x That would be awesome! The repo for the docs is here:

Thank you for your offer!

I suggest to add more information on each field type.

Can you give me some background on the code that is entered when creating a field (what syntax should be followed?)

Am struggling with this as the module-link field for instance doesnt tell me whats wrong with my syntax (its not displaying the collection and simplu says not configured)

I have plenty more ideas, but naturally I will need to ask some questions as a newbie. As my developer builds I will try and document whatever we discover of course.

Well, i want to use Cockpit in the future as my first choice hCMS. It looks great & feels great already and hope it gets even better with time. :slight_smile:
I’m really hopeful about this project.

Especially because CMS like Typo3 and Wordpress are making me go PTSD just thinking about them from older Projects i had.


I have just began my journey into headless CMS and Cockpit was, by far, the easiest open-source solution to integrate into my Laravel development flow.

In my first few hours I’ve managed to figure out a complex hierarchical menu and page system using collections and collectionsLinks that will hopefully replace WordPress on my larger websites. It took some thought but if you can figure out the structure then it seems that there’s are no limits to what Cockpit can do.

I’m quite excited about it and I can only see Cockpit growing in future!


did you have written how you did it by chance? seems like a good example of how complex cases can be supported by cockpit.

I have some pseudo-notes that aren’t fit for public consumption. I’ll think about writing up a blog post and sharing it here someday though. I haven’t really had time to further my cockpit project since I began with it.