Cant find Tutorials, Examples or Best Practices on Cockpit


trying out cockpit for the first time I found via a link to a supposedly existent tutorial on!tutorials/simple_blog

But sadly, this page does not exist any more. I reckon it would have given me some much needed information on how to approach cockpit.

Being a sysadmin and not a webdev, thus with only limited experience on CMS and none on headless CMS, for cockpit in particular I could not find any tutorials, best practices or even examples on getcockpit or the i-net.

My Question:
Is the tutorial mentioned above or any other example or best practice available?

A big appreciation from my side if you know any source of information for a beginner in cockpit.

Kind regards,


I can’t agree more. Examples are missing a lot, but by reading other cms documentation or playing around with it, it gets a bit clearer how to use it.

For example, Strapi’s documentation is just great and it is very readable.

They also provide a very simple demo, which also can open eyes.

And the great thing that they did is they created a special repo for others to upload their examples and share with those.

The best thing I was able to find in CockpitCMS context is this video and its repo by @pauloamgomes

You are right @Rozkalns, but as you can understand cockpit is mostly one man job (@artur), I strongly believe the way to go is the people that is using it start to contribute, and documentation seems a good starting point. Your suggestion (demo) is also very interesting, it could be just a repo (no frontend and docker based), providing cockpit with a typical website scenario (pre defined collections, layout components, etc…) and information about all rest endpoints.


It is available, but the used functions are outdated. It was for the old legacy branch.

When I first started to use cockpit, I had to

  • read the code
  • modify the functions from the tutorial
  • read the Lime README

before I got any useful output with a simple PHP frontend.