Why I think forms shouldn't have been removed in v2

Hi @artur

I’m starting this conversation based on your reply to one of my comments in the Cockpit - the next iteration :drum: thread.

I want to discuss this here, because I don’t think it belongs in the general thread about v2.

Okay, back to the topic.
I can see why you have removed forms if you assume that people didn’t use them, but there are two downsides I’m currently facing:

  1. Previously, forms had the ability to send E-Mails when new entries came in. I never was abled to use this because of some mailserver errors, but I’m pretty sure this was a configuration error on my side. The ability to send E-Mails, triggered by form entries, is pretty important in a production environment. Contact Forms are the best example here. It’s just way more convenient to receive an E-Mail instead of having to take a look into the forms on a regular basis.

  2. While it’s possible to create collections for storing the form entries, this comes with a pretty big security issue. In the “Roles & Permissions” settings, it’s not possible to exclusivly grant “Create” permissions. “Create” is only available if “Read” is checked.
    While this makes sense in most cases, it’s not appropriate for collecting form data, because than every external client could get all form entries, which would result in a huge data leak.

All in all, I think that removing forms wasn’t the best idea, especially if you consider my second point. The first one is more or less just a convenience problem, but it’s definetly something to consider in the future.

Is there any way in v2 to avoid the permission issue described in my second point?

Thanks & C ya :v:


I think I have good news for you. Forms will come back as a new addon called “Inbox”.
It will have more enhanced configuration options and will be part of the pro version.

I can’t say anything about the release date yet. But for sure this year :wink:

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Alright, case closed I guess :sunglasses::heart_eyes:
If you need someone to test it in production, hit me up :v:

Since v2.3.0 the addon “Inbox” is part of the pro version, which is the successor of the forms module

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Great news! Will check that out ASAP