Blog listing page -> Article


I am quite new to using Cockpit. I’m just wondering if there are any suggestions, best practices for what I am trying to do.

I would like to create a listing page showing only a few details Image/Title/Author in a grid format but then when clicked it going to a new page or pops up a modal view with the blog content and more images etc.

How would I be able to identify which one has been clicked and load just that content in a new view?

Thank you!

HI @dworthington, Cockpit is an Headless CMS, so no presentation is handled there, you need to consume Cockpit using the Rest API (or graphql), you have many options:

  • using a static site generator based on React (e.g. gatsby, react-static) or based on Vue (e.g. Gridsome)
  • using a pure javascript app based for example on react create app
  • doing it server side using Cockpit as a library (e.g. using laravel)
  • others

so in Cockpit you only need to structure (properly) your contents, for your case seems simple as a collection based on the example post collection that is provided.