Wysiwyg Field Options

Hi, I would like to know how the options on the Wywiwyg field work in Cockpit V2.
This used to work in the previous Cockpit version, in order to configure the editor (remove buttons, define height…):

“editor”: {
“height”: 100,
“menubar”: false,
“statusbar”: false,
“toolbar”: “undo redo | bold italic”

How can we set these options in v2?
Thank you!

Just to clarify, I’m refering to the TinyMCE options.

I know this is a little old now, but I just stumbled on this ability yesterday. I think you simply need to wrap your editor options in a “tinymce” block instead of an editor block:

  tinymce: {
    height: 100,
    menubar: false,
    statusbar: false,
    toolbar: 'undo redo | bold italic',

Works great! Thank you so much.