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it’s Possible to Add Costum Buttons Over the Editors Options? Or is Better to Create a Costum Field?


You could write your own tinymce plugin and add it to the wysiwyg editor. What’s your goal?

My Goal is to Have new Buttons in Tinymce and Later in the Markdown Editor. I have write in my Frontend a little Application that can parse Shortcodes (like Wordpress) to HTML. But i Need this Button in the Backend or Some Menu Item to list the Possible Shortcodes in the Editors from Cockpit CMS. I can’t remember the Commplet Shortcodes and it’s fast to use this.

I wrote a TinyMCE plugin for my CpMultiplane frontend to use a custom image button and a custom image route and another one for my VideoLinkField addon. Maybe it is helpful to get the basic structure.

And some resources:

Thanks for your Help - your Answers Help me often. :slight_smile:

image Thats the Result for the TinyMce. Thanks!

Have you a Idea for the Markdown Editor? - This is not TinyMce @raffaelj

Nice. Do you plan to publish your code when you finished it?

Writing my existent wysiwyg plugins for the markdown editor is on my to do list, but after spending multiple days on trying to understand tinymce, I didn’t want to touch that anymore.

But I did some research in the past: The markdown field inherits the html field, which uses codemirror. Have a look at how the collection link and the assets are implemented:

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