What are your hosting providers and how do you like them?

I’m looking for a hosting provider that plays well with Cockpit. Especially with Cockpit in a subdirectory and a Website/PWA in the root.
I’d appreciate any recommendations before just trying out random ones :wink:

Thanks in advance

Collecting some hosting providers sounds useful. What are your requirements? Dedicated/shared hosting? Docker? nginx/Apache? Speed? Which server location? …?

I’m not experienced with dedicated hosts and I can’t tell anything about performance when requesting data via rest api. Normally I use Cockpit for simple websites on shared hosts in Germany.

Shared hosts in Germany

They all are shared, so: no sudo and no docker.

Uberspace - https://uberspace.de/en/

  • works well without any special configuration
  • very privacy friendly
  • multiple programming languages, nearly no restrictions
  • Apache, no nginx

Strato - https://www.strato.de/

  • slow, bad, ugly
  • it works, but it needs some fine tuning via defines.php

DomainFactory - https://www.df.eu/

  • not very privacy friendly
  • I wasn’t able to run Cockpit, but the setup was ugly with an old website on the same host, that required PHP5 - maybe it is possible after setting up everything correctly

absolutely my optionion! strato is such a miserable **** ****** provider. I hate strato so much.

Our agency’s internal wiki page has dozens of topics on fixing problems with websites that are dedicated to strato hosting.

Even for cockpit you need some special adjustments that are not needed with other providers…

Could you post your defines.php for strato? I’d extend the docs (https://github.com/agentejo/cockpit-docs/tree/master/getting-started) and made a pull request if we could collect enough infos.

Thanks a lot so far!

I’m not 100% sure, but this should work:

define('COCKPIT_BASE_URL', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_BASE_ROUTE', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_DOCS_ROOT', dirname(__DIR__));

I wrote an install script for strato in the past, because it took me ages to get it up and running. In my setup I had my website in the root and cockpit in a subfolder.

btw in most cases (when cockpit has its own subdomain where it is placed in the document root) commenting the “RewriteBase” back in (in the shipped .htaccess file) works in order to get cockpit running

perhaps this could also be used to get a subdir-installation up & running