V 0.12.2, Sept 06, 2021

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Commits on Sep 06, 2021

@aheinze fix PHP 8 warning bf88a2a

@abernh @aheinze fix (Auth): prevent username guessing 35b45f8

@abernh @aheinze Fix (MongoLite): change disallowed character from ( to be single quot… f6e4e2d

@aheinze cleanup be108d6

@aheinze update vendor libs a904c2c

@abernh @aheinze fix (removeSingleton): remove singleton key also from DB 02c6613

@abernh @aheinze fix (CookieHelper): add new parameter $same_site ad9e96c

@abernh @aheinze fix (App): rename helper reference 'coockie' app to 'cookie' 4c4c22f

@abernh @aheinze fix (CookieHelper): add missing reference to global namespace for exc… 903b438

@abernh @aheinze fix (CookieHelper): only unset deleted cookie references on success 490e116

@abernh @aheinze fix (Bug 1002:createMongoDbLikeId): microsecond float to big integer … e19bdae

@aheinze update jQuery 17e5cd8

@aheinze Fixes #1467 4af3911

@aheinze Bump version to 0.12.2 e0ec9ef