Don't upgrade to php 8.2 yet (December 11, 2022)

I just found out that v2 isn’t ready for php 8.2 yet.

when I try to login or simply use cockpit and it’s API, it throws two errors:

**Deprecated**: Creation of dynamic property Lime\Module::$_models is deprecated in **/cockpit-core/lib/Lime/App.php** on line **1311**

**Deprecated**: Creation of dynamic property Lime\Module::$_refs is deprecated in **/cockpit-core/lib/Lime/App.php** on line **1311**

I tried the built-in PHP-attribute: #[\AllowDynamicProperties] for a quick-fix, but to no avail.

So i rolled back the php version on my machine to 8.1, waiting for an update from @artur

Hey :wave:

Should be fixed with this commit: Fix PHP 8.2 related issues · Cockpit-HQ/Cockpit@c62d9fc · GitHub

You can get and test the latest dev build here:

Thank you for your reply @artur.
We are one step closer.
Now when i am logged in and want to view a collection, i get the following error:
**Deprecated**: Creation of dynamic property MongoHybrid\MongoLite::$db is deprecated in **/cockpit-core/lib/MongoHybrid/MongoLite.php** on line **14**

this is not a package you maintain, right?

Good catch, should be fixed now :+1: