V 0.12.1, May 05, 2021

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Commits on Mar 19, 2021

@aheinze Update package.json 7bdb867

@aheinze Merge pull request #1429 from agentejo/next de8fc74

Commits on May 05, 2021

@eternalflamez @aheinze Catch error that is thrown when filter call fails to start 61e6935

@PotterDai @aheinze Update Admin.php e64a01c

@seanjermey @aheinze Add filterUnits to allowedAttrs 758542f

@aheinze respect acl fields in revisions view 1f3c819

@aheinze update image api to auto-return webp if mime=auto 674397e

@aheinze use webp based previews in the assetmanager if possible e5bf8a0

@flommy @aheinze Persist folder, folderPath and filtertitle in cp-assets a8a4eec

@flommy @aheinze Removed unused path option from asset selector 41f2b70

@flommy @aheinze Added field.layout.component.preview trigger to getPreview in field-l… ee7b33d

@flommy @aheinze Changed field.layout.component.preview output type b3fa1cd

@flommy @aheinze Updated components.js aecc63b

@aheinze allow to define layout component previews via template strings 0f44346

@aheinze Fix #1439 f0b3c1d

@aheinze fix image api using PHP >= 8 9031fd2

@aheinze allow to update/replace asset file 4452f86

@aheinze update asset references in collection entries + singletons after asse… 8f37fce

@aheinze Bump version to 0.12.1 34ce4d3

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