Switching to mongoDB on running project

Hi there

I have a running project with a lot of entries in my collections. (I’ve built an eCommerce with over 1000 entries in my “Orders” collection)

I need some of the mongoDB features, and I am currently running with the default SQLite configuration. Is it safe to just swap over to mongoDB, or will I lose all the data currently stored then?

And if I do lose all data, is possible some how to make the swap without data loss?

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You would need to export the data and the import it again. I’ll do some tests and tell you if it is possible without losing the item ids.



Hi Sebastian and Artur,

I’m chiming in here since I’m attempting to do the same, any best practices or further hints on how to get this done?
Thanks, Fabian

try to run the command line tool (in cockpits root folder)

./cp export --target /path/to/folder

import the data again on cockpit instance with the mongodb connection:

./cp import --src /path/to/folder

there might be some issues, when you’ve started with an older Cockpit version. the generated ids weren’t compatible with mongodb. this was fixed in v0.6.1

thanks, good that we’ve been using v. 0.5.3 :sob:

Unfortunately, ended up with a 500 on the dashboard when trying this.