How to get collections back in MongoDB after migrating from SQLITE?

Hi there,

I have been using get cockpit for our product building. As our customer base is increasing I have migrated the database to MongoDB also. I have two main concerns after the migration of the database.

  1. When the database is migrated, there are 0 collections in my MongoDb(which is supposed to be true I guess). To create a collection I have to create a POST method to our application using an API we wrote. Even this is fine but if the collection name is ‘employees’ in the cockpit but when I make a POST request it’s creating a collection in MongoDB by name
    “collections_employees5e01ae0ce7350”. I want the names to be the same as mentioned in the cockpit.

  2. I have tried another approach by exporting the JSON structure of each collection taken from the cockpit and imported them in MongoDB and successfully created them in MongoDB. But, if I make a POST request for adding a new employee then the data is not going into the collection I have created but creates a new collection again by name “collections_employees5e01ae0ce7350” (like mentioned in Point 1). I tried to rename the collections explicitly in MongoDB using rename. collections method yet the collection name is changed but data is not populated to the renamed collection but again creates a new collection like mentioned above.

If anyone can shed light or help me with this, it will be really helpful for me. I have migrated by changing the config.php file as mentioned on the website.

you can use the command line tools to export/import data

But, what I am supposed to export to create cockpit collections in MongoDB? I tried exporting collections as explained in the document but its exporting only 8 collections but I have around 41 collections in total. Why aren’t the rest being exported?