Login stopped working

We use Cockpit to manage a developer portal (versioning, feedback) but none of us can log in to our accounts all of a sudden.

Am reaching out in the hopes that maybe @Artur will answer? Something suddenly happened but we have no idea what it was. Who can you contact for support?

this is strange. do you have any admins installed?

I thought we were all admins, actually. Any one of us can add or remove users.

Hard to guess…

Which Cockpit version + addons do you use and do you use MongoDB or SQLite?

Can you access the login page and enter your login credentials? Or is that page completely broken, too?

If you have access to the login page - can you try to login and than call the url to Cockpit in the address bar? There is a small chance, that something in the response gone wrong (error message on the top of the json response…), so the login page doesn’t redirect, but the login actually worked.

Do you use an addon or custom code, that uses the events cockpit.authentication.success or cockpit.authentication.failed?

Did you create a folder with the name “check” in the root of your cockpit installation? In this case, the request to /check wouldn’t work anymore.

So, we can see the login page, and enter our credentials, but they aren’t working, even though they’re the correct credentials. I asked our developer (works remotely) and he said he saw a 500 error in his console. I’m not sure if our developer installed any particular add ons or is using custom code.

Replying again in case someone else has this issue: turned out the SQLite database file was corrupted. A fresh Cockpit install and restoring the users in a new database file (by copying the users’ data) seemed to fix the problem.

can you tell a little bit more about the scenario (eg how you use cockpit) and what might be the reason for the corruption?