Layout and LayoutGrid field types

I can’t find documentation about these field types.


What are these field types for?

I thought it is obvious but it seems not to everyone :see_no_evil:

See it as a layout builder like you maybe have experienced in wordpress etc.
it provides a layout/grid system which can be filled with components like images, headlines etc.

you can also define custom components using this addon:

the data in the end is stored as a structured tree which you can render the way you want.

I hope that my explanation clarifies the use-case

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Thanks for explanation!
Although, for example, if I needed to create, let’s say, layout with three rows, how I could change background colors to them?

It would be nice that I could set some options in predefined json and change those options alreay there, because it is not too obvious to click on the “Grid” name and expect the popup to open with Class and ID. Also, I didn’t find an option to add this “json” body to the popup as well.