Layout blocks description


I’ve been doing some tests with the Layout field in the Pro version and it seems amazing, however in the list of modules it only shows the amount of components it has inside.

Is there a way to make the description more meaningful?
Because when you start having a few modules in there it becomes difficult to identify each one, and I end up having to open a few until I find the content I was looking for.

why do you have a list of layout fields instead of just one layout field containing all components grouped eg in sections? :thinking:

Hi Arthur,

Thank you very much! I hadn’t figured out yet what the section component was for.

One more question, I see the grid has a “Column Width” field, but what if I need to have different widths for each column, or add responsive classes, how can we achieve this? We can’t add css classes to the columns. That would be great. In a grid framework like bootstrap, we could use the following structure:

  • section = .container
  • grid = .row
  • column 1 = .col-12 .col-md-8
  • column 2 = .col-12 .col-md-4