How to page blog content

Does anyone have a code example where they use graphQL and are able to page their blogs (or any other collection)
I would need a response from the api with the number of total blogs along with the range of blog posts requested.
I have looked everywhere for this, but could not find any info. I cannot be the only one wanting this?


this is for mysql but should work the same with graphql I guess (becuase the data source should not be relevant):

at least it describes how to manually create a pagination

Thank you, but this will not work.
I need to be able to query the graphQL direct via a rest call.
I would like the response to be in JSON with an array of blogposts and the total number of availabe posts.

So, my call would be something like:
and the body would be something like
postsCollection {limit: NUMBER_OF_BLOGS_PER_PAGE, skip:STARTING_POINT, feature_image {path meta} date title content gallery {path meta}}

with a response also containing the max number of available blog posts, lets say 28, I would know whether or not to show a next or previous button.