Pagination on get entries for the frontend?

I’ve been checking on many issues and the docs but there seem to be no clear answer.

Is it possible to paginate the results on a get entries of a collection ?

something like:

    .then(collection => collection.json())
    .then(collection => console.log(collection)); // only 10 returned


    .then(collection => collection.json())
    .then(collection => console.log(collection)); // only 10 returned



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thanks, it’s very helpful.

It’s pretty weird to do a post request to retreive data though, why is it like that? It’s not really respectful of the rest standards, do you know why it’s like that?

you can also do a GET request, e.g:


post is nice because of the possible usage of a json body

yes I saw that later on.
Well yes the post lets you use the json body but post is meant to create / add data not retreive it, so it creates confusion.

Also, using something like axios it’s quite simple to parse data to url.