How can I filter within collection-link? e.g. filter[collection.field]=value

I am trying to query with a relation on it. For example:

But it don’t work:

But both of these works:

  • …localhost/cockpit-master/api/collections/get/tag_types?token=4f317a928d33bce6851dbfff9287ca&filter[title]=Category
  • …localhost/cockpit-master/api/collections/get/tags?token=4f317a928d33bce6851dbfff9287ca&filter[level]=0

Here are some screenshots to help understand my setup:

  • …
  • …
  • …
  • …
  • …
    (for some reason I cannot add more than 2 links on my post, so just add https:// to the links above)

Any idea why is not working? or what am I doing wrong?


if you are using the shipped sqlite backend (and no external DB like mongo) you are not able to filter by a collection link. The SQLite implementation uses which is not able to filter by field subsets

Filtering on a collectionlink

Hi @serjoscha87 I simply downloaded the .zip file and ran. How can I upgrade for mongodb?

Wait I am actually a bit confused. Because I just tried in the demo this:[member.first_name][eq]=Osborn at it worked!

The only setup I needed to do to the default demo was to give Read permissions to the Public user group (which I also done on my local)

Now I am actually confused - gonna take a look into this later for the satisfaction of my own curiosity. Thanks for the hint.