Rest API filter collection "not null" or "not empty" collection link


I have a collection where I have 2 collection link attribute :

  • objLink1
  • objLink2

I want to get all collection item where objLink1 is set and objLink2 is not set.

Is i possible with filter ?

Thanks you.

filter: {

Hello !

Thanks you, but, do you has the correct syntax with GET request like :


It’s seems not the good syntax.

Thanks you.

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@nkondratek did you find any solution?

I tried with fields (instead collectionLink), it’s not working. Could you post, if there is any other workaround?

When switching to a GET query, true/false should be set as 1/0


linked1 and linked2 are the respective linked fields.
The results are correctly filtered, based on the fields being linked or not.

Still Cockpit tries everything to also read literal “true”/“false” strings in query strings correctly - so this works for me currently also with “true”/“false” but maybe 3 years ago it did not.

What exactly is not working for you @ChinkyPrinceCarey ? Testing for set fields ?


With field1 being a normal text field this filters correctly for entries with a value set for field1.