Export collection data in excel or csv

hello, i m trying to export collection data in excel , csv format. i m using following code to download the files “@lang(‘Export Data’)
but unable to fetch exact required data. getting json data in excel file. can you plz help me on this.

@lang(‘Export Data’)

using above code to download the data

Common, using backticks or fenced code blocks isn’t that hard. I had to “edit” your post with moderator rights to be able to see your html code. Double posting the same html doesn’t help either.

Translation for other readers: @dipakmali1993 clicked on the link “Export Data” in entries view and posted the html source code of that link - which of course is displayed as html.

I won’t explain, how to use Excel. There are other forums and manuals around.

How the database system works:

How to export as xls/xlsx/ods/csv:

Again: This was the first search result for “export excel” :wink: To be fair - searching for “export csv” doesn’t list that thread for some reason…

PS: You leaked the mail address of your colleague in your screenshot.