[EDITED ]Any example what we can do with [ASSET OPTIONS]?

I didn’t find anything in documentation. any example/usecase would be nice


I speak German, but I ran everything through the translator.

You have to imagine the entire CMS like this. The core of CMS is to build an object yourself. You can also think of the object as a JSON.

If you control different fields or buttons in the frontend, the JSON/object is changed, so to speak, or it is built through this. In the end, you are building something like JSON.

Now there is a part that is visible, the other part is hidden behind ready-made functions.

This visible part is what you see under options. It is simply a branch of the entire JSON object. But you are free to modify this branch by hand as you like.

I use it, for example, to give my backend more information about the object that was not programmed in the frontend.

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