Disable the Finder module (according to the user ?) and change the way the Assets module works


I take the liberty of posting a message because I have two questions regarding the Assets module and the Finder module. I can’t find an answer in the official Cockpit documentation.

If I understood correctly, the Finder module allows you to browse all the folders and files in Cockpit. The Assets module is actually a simplification of the Finder module which only gives access to files stored in /storage/uploads

1 / Is it possible to deactivate the Finder module and only use the Assets module? In the majority of cases, it is not necessary to have access to all Cockpit folders / files directly from Cockpit. Moreover, if an average user uses the Finder module, instead of the Assets module, and deletes an important file / folder for the functioning of Cockpit the application will be down.

2 / Is it possible to change the way the folders / files are stored? Currently, when a file is imported into Cockpit via the Assets module, it is stored in this way on the server:


If we decide to create an Images folder, in the Assets module, and try to import a file into that Images folder … it will actually be stored on the server in the same location.


The folders created in the Assets module are therefore virtual. It would be simpler and more logical for the Assets module to store files in this form:


Or if you want to use an intermediate Images folder


In my opinion, it makes no sense that files are stored as year, month, and day. Especially knowing that the Finder module does not work like that. Indeed, when a folder is created via the Finder module, the folder in question is actually created on the server.

Clearly, I really like the interface of the Assets module which is simpler than the Finder module, especially for an average user … but the way files are stored through this module doesn’t seem logical. Looks like the Assets module works like WordPress at this level … whereas Cockpit is not basically a blogging system. Besides, even for a blogging system, I can’t find this way of storing files relevant.

The other problem I see is later when we want to access the files stored on the server from the API-REST … it is easier to say to go and look for the files in /storage/uploads/images, rather than in /storage/uploads/2021/07/13, especially since it is very difficult to remember which file we uploaded and on what date.

What do you think ?

You can define user-group permissions in your config.php. To disable the ‘finder’ module for a group use

  groups: {
    noFinderUsers: { // your groups name
      cockpit: {
        finder: false

Currently not. This is hardcoded in the assets module