How to change the asset save format after upload?

When a new image assets is uploaded the default path to the file is format year folder, month folder and day folder. And what if I want to insert all images into only one folder without sub-folder and dates, is there possible? What file should I edit?

The date format is hardcoded in assets.php, but you can use the event to rename the paths. You can use this code in /config/bootstrap.php

$app->on('', function(&$assets) {

    // new folder for uploads:
    // cockpit/storage/uploads/my-assets-folder

    $myAssetsFolder = 'my-assets-folder';

    foreach ($assets as &$asset) {

        $fileName = basename($asset['path']);
        $file     = $this->path('#uploads:') . ltrim($asset['path'], '/');
        $newFile  = $this->path('#uploads:') . $myAssetsFolder . '/' . $fileName;

        if (rename($file, $newFile)) {

            // overwrite assets meta to new path
            $asset['path'] = '/' . $myAssetsFolder . '/' . $fileName;


    // remove empty subfolders - /lib/Lime/Helper/Filesystem.php - line 252