Developer help needed for site about a documentary film

Hello Cockpit Community!

I’m seeking a developer to help troubleshoot our website that accompanies our documentary film, The Superfood Chain that is launching soon.

Issue: I’m unable to upload new content in certain collections. Not sure why. I am not a coder. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Lana Pesch
647.479.5818 ext 23

Hey @Lana, would be better if you can provide a bit more of detail about the error, if possible a screenshot, or better, if the screenshot includes the console output (e.g. on Chrome or Safari - developer tools > console). I’m sure that someone will be able to help you.

Btw, nice site and documentary :slight_smile:

Thank you Paulo! Attached is a screenshot. Not sure that will explain enough.

The site was developed so all content needs a cuepoint in order to display. Process = use the hidden / placeholder videos (info / conversation / social) to add them to the grid if I don’t wish the recipes to be shown in the video timelines.

I uploaded 9 recipes as per the process, and 20+ info cards. Each piece of content has a cuepoint. Some link to videos, some not. 100% success.

I did the exact same process to try to add a new recipe and it’s not working.

PLUS, now a NEW issue with the Twitter sharing function. It needs to be edited. Somewhere in the code maybe?

I.e. when you click to tweet an info card it links to @SuperfoodChain
They all need to go to @FathomFilm

Any advice is most welcome!


PS: Here’s a screenshot of the twitter sharing function

@Lana, the information you provided is a bit vague, and we can’t see the symptoms of the error in the screenshot. Would be better if you provide further detail, can you explain how you create new recipes? from the screenshot I see a generic collection named Info composed by title, description, image, content size and category (category defines the type of content - recipe, film, etc…). So assuming you click on “+ Entry” and then you have a new page requesting the recipe data? Does the error happens on that step?

For the twitter issue it seems clearly an issue with the code and not the Cockpit himself.